Fresh Floors and Warm Feet

Getting out of bed is challenging for most of us, especially during winter.

Nothing is worse than climbing out of bed and resting our feet on cold floors. When we wake up in the morning we want to feel a kiss of warmth. We want to feel comforted into the movement of a new day. After all, isn’t this the main reason most of us look forward to our first sip of coffee, for comfort?

Regardless of how much time we’re granted for easing into a day’s rhythm, the flooring we choose, and how we maintain our floors can make a significant difference.

Whether it’s adding rugs to our homes or making clean floors a habit, there are a few different ways to keep our feet cozy, and our souls warm.

1. Rugs Rugs Rugs!

Most of us can agree that rugs are much more appealing than fitted carpets. They are perfect for those spaces that need added warmth over beautiful hardwoods, practical laminates or tile. Consider adding a rug along the bedside, in the bathroom, and definitely in those spaces that people gather together. Rugs make beautiful statements with endless unique pattern and color possibilities. Bespoke Rugs and our Simple Rug Shopping Guide are excellent resources for lovely rugs.

2. Fresh Carpet

Carpet, most of us despise it, but perhaps carpet’s one beauty is the cushioning it provides. We have carpeting on the second level of our home, and while it’s new and warm, we are eager to replace it with laminate flooring. When raising children, carpeting can have an additional appeal given it’s noise absorbing quality as well as a soft space for babies to explore. Many of us neglect the wear and tear that our carpets sustain. They absorb dirt, debris, crumbs and other germs and allergens. If carpeting is a necessity in the home, investing in a carpet steamer or steamer service provides a more sanitary environment. The result is a more comfortable carpet that is a joy to walk on even with bare feet!

3. Keep Hard Floors Clean

I have a friend that mops her flooring daily! This may sound crazy, but it truly proves to payoff. The more often a space is cleaned, the easier it is to clean (kind of like the dreaded baseboards). Whether you have hardwood, laminate, or tile, all of these surfaces can be most unpleasant to walk on when they’re not clean. When feet are bare, every crumb and sticky spot becomes known through the bottoms of our feet. We may not all have the time to quick-mop our floors on a daily schedule, but surely we can make an effort to “spot mop” when spills happen, and mop thoroughly at least once per week. This will make all the difference to your feet, especially if you forget to slide on those cozy slippers. Not to mention, when our homes have clean floors, they're that much cozier. 

*This is a collaborative post.