Fall Hygge (in any climate)

Fall, the loveliest season. 

For many of us it seems as though fall takes too long to truly appear. We recently moved from Texas to Colorado, and before Texas, I lived in southern California. This year will be my first true fall. According to the locals, fall happens here; I can hardly contain my excitement, because the elusive fall that I believed so hard for actually exists! With many years of practice, we have a solution for all of you back home in Texas, California, or wherever you may live. If you're waiting on fall, (seemingly until Christmas), there is great hope!

You can capture fall within your home despite the dreaded forecast! 

1. Capture the aroma

Fall's aroma is distinct: cinnamon, apple, clove, citrus, pumpkin, brown sugar, and the list goes on. What is it about fall that makes your heart jump, that brings you immediately into the moment? My favorite scent is cinnamon and apple. If you burn candles, now is the time to burn them around the clock. Make a simmer for your stovetop, diffuse your favorite fall essential oils. Make a cinnamon broom, or cinnamon pine cones (both fun and festive things to do with your family). If you have the chance to crack your windows even slightly (if it's not too warm or humid out) allow these scents to flow through your home with an outside breeze. 

2. Fill your spaces with coziness

If it's 89 out and brightly sunny, it's not too bad, but may be a little disappointing if it's almost Halloween. Inside your home you can still create fall spaces. Bring out the cozy wintery throws and pillows and stack them near the fireplace. Put logs in the fireplace, and burn candles along the mantle. Cozy up little nooks by laying blankets over chairs, more candles, and piles of books. Soften the lighting during the evenings with twinkle/string lights. Don't forget the music. I am still forever searching for "fall tunes". It's not as easy as Christmas, and that's why I often resort to playing Christmas music too early. But slower classical tunes, emotional operatic albums, 40s love songs, these seem to work well. (If you have recommendations please please share!) 

3. Head outdoors when the sun sets

Typically the later evenings should begin to cool off, and this is the perfect time capture the essence of the season. Gather around a fire pit or take a long evening walk. Enjoy the subtle changes and notice the occasional piles of fallen leaves, they're around, I promise. Remember the days are growing shorter, an earlier dusk is something to brace, it's a reminder that we need to slow down and reflect. 

4. Warm up your home with a few treats

This is the time to bake! Make it a weekly event, share this time as a family. Fall baking is a beautiful and delicious way to capture the essence of the season. You don't have to wait until Thanksgiving to bake your first pie either; pumpkin pie should be made September through December!

5. Create a front porch vignette

No matter where you live, nothing is better than a beautifully decorated fall front porch. Even better, and entire block filled with leafy-ness. Maybe your neighbors aren't as motivated, but start the trend, inspire a little festiveness around the block by giving your front porch some fall cheer. (Be sure to keep your pumpkins out of the heat, and don't allow them to freeze either. Both of these will cause rotting.) 

6. Transform your wardrobe (slightly)

I've always loved sweater season, but own maybe two sweaters. In the past they were never practical. If you're home for the afternoon, the weekend, whichever, you can dress cozily without feeling too warm. Shorts with cozy warm socks, a long/thin sweater with jeans and your birks. Even one piece of cozier clothing will make you feel more connected to the season. 

Be encouraged fall lovers! While it may be a challenge to enjoy this season, remember that a heart full of thankfulness makes all the difference. Make your home a space for fall.