Blueberry Muffins - These Ones Will Change Your Life

I love breads, all types, and muffins, and scones, but I especially love muffins. I suppose one thing about them is that if they come out dry or bland you can still smother them in butter or just eat them with a latte. Muffins are delightful treats, they seem a bit more mature than cupcakes, rather more sophisticated compared to a cookie, and truly humble when considering a showy lemon bar. Muffins are breakfast, lunch or dessert; and blueberry muffins are pure comfort.

I've tried several blueberry muffin recipes, and I believe I have found one that is PERFECT. I loved these, Sam did too (and he's not much of a fruit guy), and Ester enjoyed them as well. 

*I did use all organic ingredients and the blueberries were fresh as opposed to frozen, very ripe and sweet. 

I followed this recipe, and did everything step-by-step.