A thankful heart


Around this time of year people often ask, "what are you thankful for?". I always find myself stumbling around to find the best answer. Do I get stuck because I haven't spent enough time appreciating the daily blessings, or is it a question that requires more than just a simple response?

This evening we left for our Thanksgiving trip to Kansas (go Hawks!), and I fell into one of those deep-in-thought moments, road trips will do that to you (especially if you are driving in the dark and listening to Don Ross at midnight). I was somehow transported, and a burst of nostalgia flooded my heart. Here is a bit of what whirred through my memory:


Age sixteen, hiking through the Owens valley/Mt. Whitney base with my geology buddies, amazed at how down in the valley was warm and dry, but suddenly we were ankle-deep in snow. When you put a handful of snow-neglected Southern California teens in an unexpected snow patch, they basically turn into five-year-olds at Disneyland.

Age seven, laying down in the backseat of our car with my brother and pressing our bare feet onto the cold windows on the way to Oregon, looking at stars.

Age twelve, camping in the backyard and watching the shadow of our neighbor's cat steal an entire bag of Saltine crackers.


I think The Lord uses these moments to simply make us smile, and in a sense feel gratitude or thankfulness, intuitively.

It makes me wonder, what moments are happening right now that one day we will look back on and feel this same beautiful graciousness for the lives we have been given?