"Light Gives Hope"

Light Gives Hope -> click here to purchase your light

Yesterday evening I was overcome with this urgency that we need to give, we, as in "Hurd & Honey". You know, it has really only been about six months since we have been able to say that we are sustained by the income we make running our small business...maybe even less time than this. (Praise God!) Earlier in the year I was still full-time teaching as Sam was pushing away at making new products and establishing our garage as a workshop. It's amazing how quickly things can change. But, when you are self-employed you see where every penny goes, and you then see how many of those pennies can be given away, as you really only need so many for yourself.

We feel greatly thankful, and blessed to be able to live this "small-business life".

After doing hours of research I decided that maybe this year would be too short notice to put something together, and give it a go, as far as pulling people together to raise money as a community. And I am known for last minute elaborations, so I decided to back off...and wait...pray...and see if the idea would come together and work.

Then this morning I saw a post on Facebook -> "Backpacks of Hope"
I showed Sam, and we were instantly moved, and now feel called to act.
(thank you Julie)


The "Backpacks of Hope" project is a small part of a larger project known as The 2013 Legacy Project.

This year, being our first charity fundraiser endeavor...we decided to keep it simple. Our goal is to raise enough money to simply purchase two "Backpacks of Hope" -> $200.00.

How will we do this?

Our campaign is called "Light Gives Hope"
December 12th 2013 - December 25th 2013

Donate Today

We are asking you to simply donate $8.00. With your donation you will receive a handmade, reclaimed wood, tea light square, made by us.

You will receive your little square in the mail, and every time you light it, it will be a reminder that you gave hope to these young children in Haiti, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe. All of the earnings (minus the cost of shipping) - about $6.50 per square - will go towards purchasing "Backpacks of Hope". Will you give with us?

"For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light." - Psalm 36:9

Thank you • Shalom • Merci