Vintage Door Dinner Table...

Repurposing...we love these types of projects!

It feels good to take something and recycle it into something else. Not only does it save money and waste, but it's exciting to watch the transformation. It gives the pieces in your home a story to tell.

<- We found this old door at a flea market, it had all of the original hardware, and very few damages.

I'd like to know the history that comes with the door (how old, what town, which house) Unfortunately, at flea markets and trade days, this information is usually unknown.

Over the past few months we have been transforming our door, and this is the progression thus far...

We removed the white paint first.

Look at all the different patterns in the wood grain! Sadly this detail was covered up to bring the surface all to one level. After sanding we leveled to one surface. Other options would be to cover the entire door with a glass top, but we had other ideas in mind.

Following this we had to build a base (legs/support).

Our style:rustic/industrial/modern/Hurd

After staining/sealing/attaching we had to decide what we wanted to do with the five sections (at this time only filled with wood). We were going to use metal sheeting, but now we are thinking about adding tiles.   

Future step: adding tile
{I'd really like to go south to Mexico and find beautiful tiles.}

We used a very dark stain. 

You can see the different ways in which the wood took the stain, beautiful!
Can't wait to get our tiles!!!

More to come...chairs too!

Okay, it is now October, 2013, and this table still is in the same state as the photo above. A lot has changed in our lives...including the purpose of this door/table surface (and our vision for it's design).

With the growth of our business ( we have developed a need for a place to package our larger products. This table is now sitting in our studio serving as a packaging table. I love it!!!

One day it will be "finished" and will serve it's original purpose. 

The life of small business.