Mothers Are Like Coffee

Don't you agree?
When I lumber into the kitchen each morning, sleepy eyes and messy hair, the first thing I do is put on the coffee. People close to me know how much I love coffee, and it's not just the taste and the need for caffeine that brings me close. I love the coffee experience (like most my age), and like my mom always says (as she brews an entire pot just for one small cup), it's the experience. Don't you agree that the smell of coffee, the sound of the brewing, the combination of the early morning sunshine and that warm cup in your hands is pure comfort, cozy? It resonates deeply as the feeling of curling up next your mom when you are little and asking her to brush your hair or snuggle you close. Mothers are like coffee.
Whole Foods Market curated a beautiful list in celebration of mothers:
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Remember, it's not necessarily what you buy for your mom, but more importably, how you honor her.
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