You Asked About Our Green Couch - A Review on Our Article Furniture

DISCLAIMER: This is in no way a sponsored post, we simply wanted to share with you since so many of you have asked about our couches. 

We have had our Article couches for about eight months...


When we ordered our couches we were told it could take up to six weeks, but they ended up arriving to us ahead of schedule. They were delivered in two very large boxes. We were shocked at how large the boxes were, we should have taken pictures. (If you live in a city apartment this could make things a little challenging.) All we had to do was position the cushions and add the feet. It was very simple and they were both in excellent condition. They aren't extremely heavy either, two people can easily arrange them in a space. 

Our green couch the Sven Grass Green ...

The color is amazing, and it definitely makes a statement. I have always loved walking into a home and suddenly finding myself surprised by an unlikely statement couch. You should definitely do it! The color is vibrant and adds a beautiful pop! Article has a few other bright colors in this style as well.

The design is midcentury modern, low to the ground, low back, and deep. Three people can lounge comfortably, or two :). 

The material is cotton/velvet. We haven't had any issues with staining, and marks are easy to wipe with a damp cloth. The material is dry clean only. 

Before purchasing this couch we considered that we are just starting to raise a family, Ester was only six months old at the time, and spills etc. are inevitable. But in reality, that's life right, we'd rather have a couch we love with a few years of wear and tear as opposed to a stain resistant couch that we didn't care for. It's hard to find a couch you love, and we loved this couch at first sight. Plus, that's what throws and pillows are for, to cover the stains and holes right? :) 

Our brown couch is the Worthington Oxford ...

It is real leather, smells like leather, but not strong. 

It wears beautifully, the natural creases are what you want with a leather couch. Sam lays on it almost every single night to watch sports and never complains of discomfort. It is very soft and not sticky feeling like other leather couches. 

The design is midcentury modern. 

This is the "safe" couch. If we're eating something stain friendly then we'll sit on the brown couch. It wipes easily with a damp rag. 

We'd rate our Article couches an easy 5/5 stars. :) 

If you have any further questions just comment below and we'll get back to you! We will also update this post with more information as the questions come in.