All The Avocados - Creative Ways to Eat Them

Mmmm Avocados! 

I feel like I know when I have a good one before it has been halved, the skin has that reddish greenish tint, is soft but hasn't pulled away from the fruit. When it opens up it's perfectly green ombre, no brown edges, no filmy looking texture over the top, it's perfect! 

Avocados became my favorite food when I was in college, and became a staple in my daily diet when I started teaching. I had this roommate (Flor, if you're reading this, I miss you, and thank you for introducing me to kombucha). We shared this adorable 50's converted apartment in west LA (2008 or so), and I was a first year teacher in downtown, and she worked nearby at UCLA. She taught me that healthy, on a budget, simple, and delicious was possible. Many nights we shared toasted slices of sesame Ezekiel bread, smothered in avocado with a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt/pepper. It was our favorite dinner/snack/lunch whatever, (especially when Urth Caffe was just around the corner threatening to deplete our bank accounts). Today I add avocado to EVERYTHING, and I am sure you do too...but if you don't, here are some ways to eat this delicious fruit. 

Toasted Bagel - Cream Cheese - Avocado - Dill - Salt/Pepper 

This is a perfect meal! And if you'd rather not have the bagel maybe some Ak Mak crackers, or sprouted bread? Or get rid of the grains/carbs altogether, but that's really so boring.

Simple Fresh Tacos

Small Flour Tortillas - Feta Cheese - Avocado - Cilantro - Chicken (with our without)

Quinoa Salad

Quinoa - Soft Boiled Egg - Avocado - Lemon - Cilantro - Salt/Pepper

Mexican Chicken Noodle Soup

Garnish with avocado - a whole one! 

Avocado Toast

Toasted Sourdough - Swiss Cheese (or your favorite cheese) - Green Onion - Avocado - Pepper

Green Smoothie

Spinach - Lime - Avocado - Cucumber - Cinnamon 

Edamame Salad

Edamame - Radish (YUM!) - Avocado - Cilantro - Lime - Green Onion - Salt/Pepper

Sushi Rolls

Seaweed - Sushi Rice - Avocado - Crab - Cucumber 



And when all else fails, just eat the avocado, all by itself. 

Ester's first food was avocado, it's probably my favorite food, and Sam, well, he says it tastes like grass. Imagine if grass tasted like avocados, life would be really good, because there is grass EVERYWHERE (just kidding).