A Simple Beach Loft Bedroom

Valerie, from Mint + Varnish lives in a beautiful 840 square foot beach loft in Venice Beach, California. She is passionate about embracing simplicity: "living with less is more". 

How would you describe your style? What three words describe your home?

"My overall style is very clean and neutral. I like to inject pops of color through vintage textiles here and there but living in a very small space has helped shape my minimalistic style. The best three words to describe my home: minimal, airy, and intentional."  

How do you make the most of a small bedroom/space? What have you chosen to live without?

"It has been a very fun, yet challenging project for us to create a distinct bedroom space within our little loft. I worked with a local furniture maker here in LA, and we came up with the idea of incorporating hidden storage within the bed. That, and our extremely tall closet have been life savers! When moving in, I gave away about half of my wardrobe and it's actually really refreshing to have much less.

How does your bedroom represent “living more simply”?

"A space doesn't need much to feel complete. I think our bedroom represents that idea well. When shopping, we focused on finding a few staple pieces to represent our style, like the marble lamps and painting above the bed. Once we found those key items, we felt content and didn't feel the need to have much more!"