What's Your Top 10? Finding Your Own Hygge

Listen While you Read

In a world where we are inundated with messages to buy, to make, to do, to go, etc. etc. we can easily become lost. Soon we are surrendered to a false understanding of what life is really about and live in a reality of distraction. 

Sam in Zion - Hiking to Observation Point

Sam in Zion - Hiking to Observation Point

Right now, as I'm writing, I'm listening to a symphony of a Texas spring thundering and choral music by Morten Lauridsen. These two things have always moved me, moved my soul. And don't we all have little things that move us, that capture us if we allow ourselves to be captured? What captures you? Is it steady rainfall, the sound of a candle burning while you read your favorite book, or maybe watching your little ones play wholeheartedly in the backyard while you sip on some tea? These are the pieces that we have to be captured by, and daily. 

No matter your vocation, pursuit, profession, there is still time for what matters, there is always, always time. And the more time we give to these pieces that resonate with whom we are, the more we become whom we were created to be, and the pieces, beautifully, fall into place.

I think of the well known Ann Voskamp quote, "The prayers we weave into the matching of socks, the stirring of oatmeal, and the reading of stories, they survive the fire". The moments of our days, the moments that don't seem to matter, they matter the most. 

If I could ask you what are the top ten on your list, what would they be? 

My Own Personal Hygge...

  1. Listening to thunder storms and choral music 
  2. Journaling my heart around one beautiful scripture
  3. Walks with Ester, spotting new birds (and airplanes)
  4. Hiking in the dry dry desert heat (with a hammock carabiner)
  5. Nursing my plants in the late afternoons
  6. Taking pictures of all that I love (especially our little Ester)
  7. Long drives with my little family
  8. Choosing new flowers from the market
  9. Early morning chores before the house is awake
  10. Late night conversation that brings us deeper

Now it's your turn...tell us in the comments, what's one thing on your list?

(Originally Published April 1, 2015)