Easiest Pillow EVER!

I have been out on my own, or "On the Lam" (I am not a fugitive), for many years now, let's say about 12 years. Honestly, those first couple years of "adult" life do feel like you're running from something, running from who you know yourself to be, and then you come full circle back to where you were. Right?

Why is this relevant? What does it have to do with throw pillows?

Well, this might sound gross, but many of the throw pillows laying around my home are from those early days. They have traveled with me from one apartment to the next, acting as tiny accents in my tiny spaces. Now I am married and live in a house, and I am sick and tired of these pillows.

This is not really a tutorial, just a photo documentary of parts my process.

I learned from this great lady at No. 29 Design. Her tutorial was the easiest I have tried, and the most intuitive for a rookie like myself. Also, envelope pillows perfect if you are new to sewing; dealing with a zipper can be really frustrating ;).

I found some fabric that I like. 
This one is really nice, it almost feels like a linen, and I love the print. 

Again, on No. 29 Design, the how-to steps are quite easy...

And here it is!