Ten Ways to Beautify Your Porch

No matter where you live, creating a space where you can comfortably spend time outside is crucial to a healthy life. We recently created an outdoor space that we are enjoying daily; we now have no excuse to stay cooped up inside when the summer heat arrives!! We'll be sharing about our backyard makeover next week! Here are ideas for upgrading and beautifying your outdoor porches. 

Make it cozy, and if you're worried about rain, keep your textiles under the covered parts of your space, or purchase a few indoor-outdoor pillows. 

Find a small table to set things down on, and there's no need to purchase "new and shiny". Head to the thrift store and find a table you can spruce up with a coat of outdoor paint. 

Get creative with your seating arrangements, especially if you have the space. Not all outdoor spaces need large tables and perfectly matching chairs. Find a cozy couch, a few old chairs, and maybe one cozy pouf. 

Hang art outdoors? Why not? You don't have to purchase artwork from a home and garden center, but rather hang a piece of floral art, or even old vintage photographs. Head to the antique shop and find a budget friendly collection that sparks conversation and imagination.

Mix and match textiles. If you have a rug you're tired of, one that's pretty worn and possibly stained, and maybe a few pillows you no longer love; bring these outside and keep your best pieces indoors. 

Love succulents, but aren't sure if you can manage them? Start with cacti, they're the most hardy, and look great on a small front porch in terra cotta pots.

Use hanging plants to create a living privacy screen, and simultaneously add color and texture.

Even a tiny porch can be cozy and inviting. A few plants, natural elements, and a place to sit will make a difference.

Hang outdoor lights and landscape with potted plants; with our without a porch, like this home, a potted landscape invites people out.

Apartment living? Create privacy, with plants, and listen to the hum of the city while reading on your porch.