Embrace Your Place - Be Content, Always

You will never get the position that God is preparing for you if you do not take your place. There is not always a position open for everyone, but there is always a place for everyone.
— Christine Caine

Despite our move last year and now having a slightly larger house, running a business from home is overwhelming: boxes in the hallways, people in and out and working late, never being able to fully detach (given the nature of running an online business), it is a bit much at times. Instead of pausing for a moment, honoring a true sabbath, and embracing where we are now, we find ourselves looking for something "next". Instead of waiting, and persisting, persevering through what's uncomfortable, and trusting God, we're trying to detach from the discomforts. 

Most recently we were considering purchasing another home, one that would have a separate section in the home for business operations. The woodshop would still be in our garage, but it would be larger. We would have a nice sunset view from the backyard. It sounded ideal, but after a few days the words "embrace our place" entered our hearts. There is a season in this home that we need to live out. It could be as simple as a relationship that the Lord is wanting us to establish (maybe with a neighbor), or perhaps we need time to re-adjust our finances. We don't know the reason, but we do know that this place is to be our home, and we need to serve Christ here. 

A few ways we all can "embrace our place"

Bring beauty to your place

If "embracing your place" is staying in a job that you hate, or living somewhere you don't love, bring in a little beauty. Maybe that means brining a plant to the office to keep on your desk, or painting a couple of walls in your home. Add beauty, it will make a difference, and it reinforces your commitment to stay where you are in this season of life. 

Speak what you're thankful for

Even if you don't like your job there is something to be thankful for. Maybe you have a really nice employer or co worker that brings joy to your life. Honor them by expressing your gratitude. At home, what are you thankful for, what amenity or characteristic do you absolutely love? Focus on these little pieces of joy. 

Write down your dreams, share the desires of your heart

Sharing your desires in a journal or with a confidant is powerful, sharing dreams is an act of faith, it requires vulnerability. Hold on to these dreams and trust them to the Lord. 

Honor the Sabbath

There are several mentions of taking a Sabbath in the Bible, and we often don't do it. God designed us take a day of rest; we need to rest. It doesn't have to be on Sunday or Saturday, but choose a day to cut off from striving, working, social media, distraction, and choose rest. With this weekly renewal, "embracing your place" will be less of a challenge or you'll have more energy to face the days. It may also be the step you need to take to find that piece of clarity you're seeking.