Light Gives Hope 2014

                                                             "Light Gives Hope" 2014 Campaign (Image: Whitney Runyon, T.A.P.)

"For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light." - Psalm 36:9

      "We have only spent a short time with them so far, but they have already changed my perspective, made my vision a little more clear." 

Thank you for making your way to our blog, and thank you as well for taking interest in our Annual "Light Gives Hope" campaign. November 17th through November 24th we will be using our small business, Hurd & Honey, to raise financial support for The Archibald Project.

A simple $8.00 donation will provide you with one of our "Hope Lights", handcrafted by us, in our home woodshop, and made with reclaimed wood. 

Each time your "Hope Light" is lit, you will be reminded of the love and hope you offered in support of orphans throughout the world.

All of the earnings will go towards The Archibald Project and their vision for orphan care. 

Will you give with us? 

We met Nick and Whitney, founders of T.A.P. through Instagram. Social media has a beautiful way of bringing people together. After reading about their non-profit we knew that we wanted to partner with them. In person, you you feel their passion, and their quiet strength and faithful hearts beautifully emanate as they share their vision. Follow along as their journey continues to evolve, especially with an upcoming move to Uganda.

(Instagram -> @TheArchibaldProject) 

Image: T.A.P.

Thank you again, and have an abundant holiday season.

Shalom and Merci,

Hurd & Honey